Setting up project questionnaires

Project Coordinators have the ability to set up Project Questionnaires that all registrants must answer before signing up for a project. Once a user has suggested a project in the Good Done Great app, navigate to that project and under the Admin tab click Questionnaire.





Select New Question and fill out the question details. Users can determine the type of question, make the question required, move the position of the question, as well as add custom pick list answers.



Below are explanations of each Question Type and how they look to the volunteer:

  • Text - requires the volunteer to enter text in the text field (ie online signature)
  • File - allows volunteer to upload a file (ie waiver form)
  • Information - a line of text for the volunteer to read
  • Pick List - requires the volunteer to select from a list of values
  • Pick List With Text - requires the volunteer to select from a list of values with an 'other' option
  • Check Boxes - volunteers can select multiple values



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