Searching for a Volunteer Project

Searching for a Volunteer Project is your first step to signing up for your volunteer opportunity and tracking your hours. You must be signed in to the Good Done Great portal and have the Volunteer module configured.

  1. Sign in to the Employee portal. This can be done using SSO or the credentials provided to you by your employer. Click on the Volunteer tab in the navigation bar.

  2. Under Projects, choose Find a Project to begin browsing volunteer projects. This will allow you to learn about and sign up for volunteer opportunities in your area.

  3. You can utilize the search function to search for a project by City & State or any a specific keyword. You can also search for the organization for which are you volunteering for. Click the Pin icon to allow Good Done Great to use your current location, and Search for projects near you.

    NOTE: If your browser settings have been configured to not allow your location to be shared, you will need to change the Location Toggle from 25 Miles to All. If you have previously denied access for Good Done Great to track you location, the page will appear to be frozen.

  4. Open the project page by selecting Learn More. This will allow you to learn more about the project details.

  5. Choose Sign Up in the project details area, and click the Sign Up option that appears to confirm that you would like to be added to the project.
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