Adding & Inviting Others to Your Project

  1. Sign in to the Employee portal. This can be done using SSO or the credentials provided to you by your employer.

  2. Access the appropriate app by clicking the Volunteer tab.


  3. Click the Admin subtab to customize volunteer projects that you manage, and choose Edit Project to begin making changes.

    3.png   4.png
  4. Hover over the Admin subtab, and choose Assignments from the menu list of options.

    5.png   6.png

  5. Click Add Assignment to create roles for the volunteers, and be sure to Save the information you have just added.

    7.png   8.png

  6. Hover over the Admin subtab once more, and choose Volunteers from the menu list of options.

    9.png   10.png

  7. Click Add to begin adding volunteers to the project. This will allow you to search for employees, or choose from a pre-populated pool of recently used volunteers. 


  8. Select the employee you would like to add, and Send them a notification that they are now added as a volunteer.

    12.png   13.png


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