How to accept your Grant award

This article will explain how to accept a Grant award for Nonprofit organizations using the Good Done Great Grant module.

Good Done Great partners have the ability to customize how their Award recipients officially accept their award, but first let's look at how to access your Award.

Log in to the Applicant Portal with the link provided to you by the Organization. Once logged in, select Requests in the navigation tab, then click on Awards. NOTE: You will see a number next to Awards as seen in the example below notifying you of your award.


Your award will be listed at the top of the page and you will need to click Accept in order to receive your Grant. Upon clicking Grant, an Accept Award screen will appear. The following prompts may be present in order to complete this process

  • Read and Acknowledge Organization Information - if you need to upload organization information such as your address or name, this is done through Good Done Great. Clicking on the Update Information button will link out to Good Done Great where you will need to create an account or log in in order to update this information.
  • Download an award agreement - some organizations require additional information to be uploaded after filling them out. Click on the Download Agreement link to access that documentation, then use the Select File to upload your completed documentation in order to attach it to your Acceptance.
  • Uploading additional documentation such as W9 paperwork, or other financial documentation.

Once you are ready to receive your Award, click the Accept Award button

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