Using the Volunteer waitlist

Good Done Great users can determine whether to set up a waitlist for their volunteer projects. This is done through the particular Assignment on the project. As a Project Coordinator, you have the ability to set a maximum number of participants for each assignment within your project.

To do this, you need to be a Project Coordinator and your project must have been submitted to the Good Done Great system. Navigate to your project and click the Admin tab. On the Assignments page, you will see a list of all assignments for your project. Read this article for more information on managing your assignments.

To set the waitlist, click on the Edit icon next to your assignment. You can set different criteria for this assignment here, as well as set the maximum number of volunteers you will need. NOTE: The default setting is No Maximum Amount, so you initially have an infinite number of spots open. Enter the maximum amount of project participants in the text field and click Save.




When your maximum number of volunteers has been reached, any further registrations will be put on a waitlist. The project waitlist will continue to fill up unless a volunteer cancels their registration. When that happens, the first volunteer that was added to the waitlist will then be registered for the project.

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