Additional shifts (assignments) for your projects

With Good Done Great's Volunteer app, users can easily add multiple shifts (or in GDG language, assignments) to your projects. For example, let's say your project spans most of the day, but you want to create different assignments for the many different tasks that are taking place throughout that time. With our platform, you can easily set up and track different assignments. NOTE: This feature is only available for project coordinators.

First, you must have created or suggested a new project. Once this step is completed, all projects will appear under the My Projects window in the Volunteer module.




Click on the project name to be brought to the project page and under the Admin tab, click on Assignments.

By default, you will already have one assignment created that spans the entirety of your project. To add more assignments to your project, click on the Add Assignment button and fill out the necessary information you want to provide. 

You can give each assignment a description, begin/end date and time, how many volunteers you need for that assignment or if there is no maximum number, and how many volunteer hours you want to automatically log for that assignment once that shift has completed.




Once you have filled out the information, click Save.



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