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Ability to change impact dashboard

It would be great to be able to  customize/change the impact dashboard in the employee facing portals  Currently, my company doesn't use GDG for volunteer dollar matching. The impact report includes a stat about My Impact $$ which is tied to volunteer dollar matching - if your company isn't using this part of the product is shows $0 which is confusing for users. It would be more helpful to be able to customize this based on the products being used so they are more relevant to community strategy. 

Jessica Sire

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Thanks Jessica!  We understand how that could be confusing for employees.  We will certainly keep this in mind as we make further improvements to the employee portal home page and related impact information.  We do have some changes coming soon to the employee home page and there are different displays based on the products your company is using.

Parker Crawford, Director of Enterprise Product Management

Parker Crawford
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