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Admin function - Volunteer

It would be very helpful for admins to have the ability to mass log volunteer hours in the back office for programs.  If you are running a large company wide volunteer program with many projects across multiple geographies it would be helpful to allow the admin to mass log hours for participants in the back office versus only project coordinators in the employee portal. 

Jessica Sire

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Hi Jessica,

Thanks for this great idea!  It would be very helpful for backoffice admins to be able to log hours for all the volunteers on a project without having to rely on the project coordinator.  We have entered this into our backlog of requests for future consideration for our Enterprise Volunteer product.

Keep the suggestions coming!

Parker Crawford, Director of Enterprise Product Management.

Parker Crawford

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I would agree and we would also appreciate the system NOT sending all of the volunteers an email.  We would use this for very large corporate events where we would tell employees that hours would be mass logged for them. No one needs extra emails!

Lisa Maloney-Vinz 0 votes