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Volunteer Photos

Our marketing department is always interested in photos from our volunteer events, so we added the ability for employees to upload photos within the form they are using to record their hours. However, there doesn't seem to be a great way to systematically download these photos, or to even see a tick-mark of who used this function. Making this functionality more administratively friendly would help potential clients build the business need for having a system like this - and it would definitely help Admin Owners build a collaborative business case for expanding how they use the platform. 

Martha Mickelson

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Thank you for the great suggestion!  As we all know, photos go a long way in engaging volunteers so we definitely would like those to be more accessible!  We've entered this feature request into our backlog so that it can make it onto our Enterprise Product roadmap.

Please keep the feedback coming!

Parker Crawford, Director of Enterprise Product Management

Parker Crawford

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That is a great idea to add the ability to upload photos. I would think that all VOL clients would like that. Can that be added platform wide? Along with the request above to more easily access them. 

Lisa Maloney-Vinz 1 vote