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Ability to edit all system emails

We know this is a pie in the sky request, but we are putting it out there anyway. We would appreciate the option for each email generated by all GDG platforms and systems to either use the system generated template, or have the option to revise as needed. Each client and each program are so unique. We are doing our best to educate our constituents in other ways when the email message that is standard isn't quite what we need it to be and we appreciate that GDG had taken some of our input on messaging into consideration to-date, but the ability to modify any email would make a world of difference in getting the right message across the first time.

Lisa Maloney-Vinz

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Hi Lisa,

Thank you for this great suggestion!  It would certainly add a lot of flexibility to our product suite if our partners could update and manage their own email content.   As you know already, we do allow customizing of all the emails (as Martha mentioned in her comment) and we implemented the custom content for emails to provide another step towards this flexibility.   That being said, this feature is definitely a long term goal for the Enterprise product suite!

Please keep the feedback coming!

Parker Crawford, Director of Enterprise Product Management

Parker Crawford
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Hi Lisa! We have been able to edit each system email by submitting a Support Ticket listing the following: 

1. Email Subject Line

2. Verbatim changes to subject line and/or body of email

At one point, we received an excel spreadsheet with all of the auto-generated emails listed out (ie internal title, subject line, body copy, audience, etc). This might be something available to your group too!

There was definitely talk of pulling this editing ability into the back office when our company was initially onboarding. GDG, is this still a current direction?

Martha Mickelson 0 votes
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